Our History

Our Beginnings

In the summer of 1960, an official Cal Band residence hall was created. Through efforts of band members and alumni, Tellefsen Hall Association, Incorporated was formed. The Association purchased Ramsey Houseā€”a small boarding house at 2421 Prospect Street. After remodeling work to make the house ready for occupancy, Tellefsen Hall was opened in September of 1960 as a residence dedicated to members of Cal Band.

For roughly thirteen years, Tellefsen Hall was located in the house on Prospect Street, serving as the premier social hub and living area for band members. But by the early 1970s, the interest in living at Tellefsen Hall exceeded the capacity of the house. Simultaneously, college fraternities were declining as the years went on. These fraternities that consolidated due to failing membership remained on the Southside of the Berkeley campus. Notable amongst these was Lambda Chi Alpha. Their fraternity desired a smaller house on Southside, rather than the large house at 1755 Le Roy Avenue.

Tellefsen Hall Class of 1988-89

Thus, on September 4, 1973, an agreement was made: Lambda Chi Alpha moved into the old Tellefsen Hall on Prospect, while the large house on the corner of LeConte and LeRoy Avenue became the new Tellefsen Hall. This was made possible by the band’s longtime announcer, Bill Ellsworth, who was a member of Lambda Chi during his days at Cal.

Weltevreden Pre-1906