The Association has set room and board for Tellefsen Hall at just $11,250 for the 2016-2017 school year. For many residents, this low price is one of the most important advantages TH has over the dormitories; University Housing and Dining Services set 2016-2017 room and board rates at anywhere from $12,481 to $18,940. In addition, the Cal Band offers scholarships that are available for students with extraordinary talent and/or financial need. Please visit the Cal Band website for further information.

Joining Us

Sound interesting? Contact the House Manager to schedule a tour of Tellefsen Hall or ask us any questions you might have.  Spots are reserved for current or prospective members of the University of California Marching Band, and tenancy is contingent upon acceptance as a member.  Once an audition has been submitted to the band, the house managers will be able to let you know if a spot is available for you.  Once you have received a contract, you need to sign it and submit it along with a security deposit, which formally reserves your spot in the House and is returned to house members upon moving out.  To begin the process of becoming a member of Tellefsen Hall or to schedule a tour, contact the House Managers ASAP, as spots fill up quickly!  Thank you, and of course, Go Bears!