Join Us! Apply to Live Here

Tellefsen Hall Newman Class of 2022

To request a Housing Contract for the 2024-2025 school year, please contact the House Managers at! You can also contact them to schedule a tour of the house.

Spots are reserved for current or prospective members of the University of California Marching Band (Cal Band), and tenancy is contingent upon acceptance and continuation as a member of band.

If you are an incoming 1st year at Cal, you can submit a music audition to join the Band. Once an audition has been submitted to the band, the House Managers will be able to let you know if a spot is available for you.

Once you have received a contract, please sign and submit it along with a security deposit, which formally reserves your spot in the House and is returned to house members upon moving out.

Thank you, and of course, Go Bears!